About Us

We have been hospitality people from birth. Okay, so that’s not exactly true. But in the US towns where we operate our businesses, we are known simply as Danny & Michelle – almost as if our names have turned into one word.
Anyway, we are also The Chef and The Writer, and this beautiful retreat in Belize is our dream project. Something we visualized individually for years, a place that Michelle could write and a place Danny could forage or fish and cook whatever he wanted whenever he felt like it.

We wanted to find ourselves in a place of quiet. A land where people were contented with their lives. Striving for more, but not drowning in the pursuit of material goods. A place where people were fulfilled living life simply and in harmony with nature. Michelle had her sights set on Portugal. Danny’s vision was focused on Sicily. (yes we are big vision board 10-year-planners) – but the Fates would have the final decision of Belize.
And we are grateful for fate’s plan.

It all started with a fishing trip with our friends Shannen and Bill Oyster (Oyster Bamboo Fly Rods) and ended with Michelle picking our out first “starter” home on Ambergis Caye so that when she was ready to kidnap her partner and disconnect they could fly to the barrier island in two hours’ time and relax. This way Danny would have no excuse for travel time or any other such nonsense.

A few short years later, we found ourselves relaxing after the purchase of a major investment on the island. The plan was the property would eventually become a small island retreat in four or five years. Our celebration was interrupted when news reports of a virus that was spreading across Europe began to alarm our team stateside. The reports became more serious. A week later, Danny flew home to check on the restaurants and Michelle found herself marooned in Belize as the tiny country closed all its borders.

In her normal method, she began raising funds to support island causes and keep as many of the out-of-work islanders fed as she could. Michelle also decided to begin their renovation project early, designing the four casitas that comprise our little resort today. (For longer-term stays, we do have our original two-bedroom, two-bathroom house available!)

And that folks, well, that is our history! And we look forward to building upon this story in the decades to come.